Jamon Anderson

Program Director - Announcer

Jamon Anderson has been at KISU Fm 91 for over 13 years. His familiar voice is a distinctly calm and professional one, and gives KSIU FM 91 its voice. Having been in most capacities at the KISU FM 91 including host, announcer, board operator, production, engineering assistant, he is currently our Program Director.
Adept at giving interviews and offsite shows such as City Club He is the go to guy for all things KISU FM 91.

With his passion for live music, public radio and KISU, Jamon is always welcoming your comments, thoughts,  and feedback on our programs and shows.  He can be reached at kisu91@gmail.com

Ways to Connect

Idaho Hummanities Lecture Broadcast: Monday, April 23rd at 7:00pmOur broadcast agreement for this event only allows us to air the lecture over our FM signal on 91.1, 91.3, and 88.1. We will not be allowed to stream the broadcast live or post audio here at kisu.org. So please join us Monday, April 23rd at 7:00pm!

This week's episode of Know Your Media, Drs. Malliga Och and Betsy Brunner look to the medium of books. Their guest, Dr. Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre talk specifically about the children's classic, Curious George to unpack the various representations found in these familiar tales.

Listen to the entire program:

The latest series will begin April 4th and run through April 25th.  Lectures begin at 7:00pm, and are held at the Trinity Methodist Church, 237 N. Water Ave., Idaho Falls. The entire series schedule is below.

April 4th -   Parkland and Citizen Protests: The First Amendment and the Right to Vote

April 11th -   The 2nd Amendment:  Sorting Out Facts, Myths and History

April 18th -   Mueller, Mayhem and Mid-Term Elections

April 25th -  Equal Rights for All: 150th Anniversary of the 14th Amendment

Radio & Tax Relief

Mar 28, 2017

Sometimes the best part of driving to work, running a few errands, or even sitting down at your desk, is turning on the radio. KISU public radio makes riding in the car or finishing up some task a completely different experience.