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KISU FM 91 has aired an interview between our afternoon host Mashaal Hijazi and comedian Dave Coulier, best known for his role of Uncle Joey on the TV sitcom "Full House". Dave was in Idaho Falls last Saturday evening for a one night show. For more information listen to the interview or click here for his website. To hear this fun interview click the audio link. For other Idaho Falls Arts Council Events click here.

Giving Is Easy

Oct 13, 2015

During much of the month of October, KISU FM 91 reaches out to our listeners and those who visit our website, asking for assistance in providing funds needed to keep the program you love on the air. Being a non-profit radio station we need your help.

Unlike gas for your car, heat for your home or most anything else you consume, KISU FM 91 will be here even if you don’t make a financial contribution today.  With everything else you have to pay for it’s easy to decide not to give money to KISU FM 91.  That’s the easy decision, not to give...

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