Greg Grasso

My interview style is probably not typical, especially for one working in an environment surrounded by books every day. When I choose an author, I look for meat and potatoes, not gravy. I try to get into their head and soul, what drives them, what got them into writing. Was it something that happened as a child, a life changing event? Was it by chance, by design or an escape from reality?

My chat with David Baldacci was not typical. Actually, it was my first of many highly respected writers I've interviewed to date. I was able to relate to David as a person, a 50+ year old male from New England, and someone who lost his father recently. It was moving for me, and I know it was moving for David. If you listen carefully, you can hear reflections in his voice when we talked about his departure novel, One Summer.

On the other hand, I was intellectually stimulated with Alexandra Fuller, an amazingly smart, courageous woman. A woman who captures and relates to her audience all the pain, joy and chaos she experienced as a child growing up in South Africa. Her latest novel Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, talks about her tumultuous ride during the 70's and 80's. And in contrast, Keith Donohue's interview was an exploration into the head of this amazing author. Keith and I had a fun time talking about his latest read, Centuries of June, which he pulled off nine complicated characters in a whirlwind of mystery, murder and suspense over a period of five centuries.

So, I invite you to listen to these interviews and hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Thanks everyone and keep reading.

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